I'm Sarah.

Certified Cognitive Coach. Tech Industry Leader. Practitioner of what I teach.

After twenty five years of frantically overworking, never believing I could have what I really wanted in my  life, and feeling anxious, overwhelmed and completely burnt out daily, I finally figured  life out. 

I learned  how to feel confident, reclaimed work/life balance, and have created a life I am totally flipping in  love with using evidence based cognitive tools I teach in The Rockstar Program.

If you're feeling fried, overwhelmed, and like it's all just too much at work... I got you.  

How do I know what you’re going through and what you need?

I’ve been that high achiever who never said no and was always people pleasing, worked long hours, and never EVER believed what I did was good enough.  

I had no work life balance. I didn’t even have ideas of what I wanted to do if I wasn’t working or seeing friends. I was trapped running on a productivity hamster wheel. 

I felt empty and lost. 

And I’ve led teams that were overwhelmed, anxious and fried. 

On the outside everyone thought I was confident and had it "all" together, but deep down I felt insecure and scared. 

I tried decades of talk therapy and seminars. I felt hopeless as I couldn’t find an answer for how empty and lost I felt inside. 

It wasn’t until I discovered cognitive coaching and learned how to coach myself that I was able to rewire my brain so I could feel confident on my insides, create amazing work/life balance, crush my goals, and build a life I'm completely in love with. 

I used these cognitive tools to rewire my brain so that it thinks and feels in ways that serve me. 

The beliefs in my brain create feelings of confidence, calm, and a ton of love for myself.  

I found this secret to the universe the day I found my Coach Brooke Castillo and cognitive tools. 

This is what I teach and I keep it super simple. 

You'll learn the neuroscience based cognitive tools I and my clients use daily to create that reality.  

NOTE: You’ll run the risk of being PASSIONATELY in love with your life and career again. 

Yup, things will feel kinda magical.

Let's do this!

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