Ep 101: Why You Need to Be an Unpaid Influencer


  • What it means to be an unpaid influencer
  • Why visualizing humans you are inspired by will change your life
  • Three prompts to get clear on who you are an unpaid influencer for

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It’s time to talk about why you need to be an unpaid influencer.

I’m an unpaid influencer for Dua Lipa, Elon Musk, Sara Blakely, and of course JLO.

I know what you’re thinking - what? Why would you be an unpaid influencer?

Well as some of you know, 20 years ago I was fired from an imploding software company and it was a HUGE shock. But I kept reminding myself - this is a pebble in the road of life, drive over it.

I stay grounded in the belief that I’ve done hard things I’ve never done before. And to propel me through my goal and journey of becoming a life coach, I looked for humans who are doing just that, doing hard sh*t that has never been done before.

And I visualize, talk about, and embody how I am already like these
inspiring humans.

I encourage you to find those humans who inspire you and know that there is something in them that is already who you are right now.

Listen to the podcast to hear the exercise to uncover who you’re inspired by and are excited to be an unpaid influencer for and how it can change your f*ing life.

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Welcome to Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life. Hi, I'm Sarah.

And after decades of frantically overworking, never believing I could have what I really wanted in my life and feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and burnt out daily -I finally figured life out. I learned how to feel confident. I reclaimed work life balance and I've created a life I'm totally in love with.

So if you're a high achiever with a team that's struggling with burnout and your mission is to help them grow as humans and retain this badass team this podcast is just for you. I keep it simple. You'll learn the neuroscience based cognitive tools. I and my students use daily to create that reality.

You're gonna run the risk of being passionately in love with your life and career again, just by listening to this podcast. All right, let's go.

Okay, rock stars. Let's talk [00:01:00] about why you need to be an unpaid influencer. So, first of all, I'm so excited. This is my hundredth and first episode. So last week was my hundredth episode with my student MC where she talked all about just busting through burnout in 90 days. So if you haven't listened to that, definitely go check out episode a hundred.

It's amazing. And, so this is my hundred first episode of creating of sitting down and creating content. To be of service, to all of my incredible humans and students out there. And so what I wanna remind you, cuz I had to remind myself of this two years ago, when I started is you are here on this planet for a reason.

There is a place for you to fill in this world that no one can fill. Something you are here to do that no one else can do. [00:02:00] So what does your mind have for us on this planet? What does your brain, your soul, your heart, all the things have for us in this planet? And our opportunity here is to create, to put our brains to work.

So, what does your brain have for us? You know, and I know your brain right now is like, oh my God, there's no way I can do whatever it is I wanna do, and I remember chatting with my team two years ago, and me saying, I haven't been a coach long enough. There's no way I can start a podcast.

And them being like, listen, You've been a coach long enough. This is a complete story. And thank God my team helped me see my brain, and my team, all coaches themselves as well, that it was a story I was making up that I couldn't do a podcast. Cause look, y'all two years amazing. 101 episodes of creation and discipline.

Amazing. So [00:03:00] if you have found a value in the podcast, thank you so much for leaving a review. If you are finding value in my podcast and you've not left a review, thank you so much for hopping onto iTunes and leaving a review as it totally, your reviews are going to help other humans in their lives. So, you get to be of service to other humans, cuz that helps other humans find these tools. So thank you in advance. 

All right. Let's talk about why you need to be an unpaid influencer. I'm an unpaid influencer for the singer Dua Lipa, the entrepreneur Elon Musk, the entrepreneur, Sara Blakely, the inventor of spanks and JLO.

So now why I know you're probably thinking, well, why, why are you Sarah? Like, why is this even important? So you may or may not know, but I got fired from an imploding [00:04:00] software company about 20 years ago. And it was a huge shock. and I had no idea it was coming, but thank God I had some very wise best friends who counseled me through this.

And one of the, my favorite thoughts when you know, this hard shit happened that I really reminded myself every single day is this is a pebble in the road of life. Drive over it. And as you all know, like I love cars. So that was a very easy visual for me to have. Pebble in the road of life, drive over it.

And so I decided after about three weeks of, you know, Counseling and coaching to go out and do my own thing in the tech industry. And so I've lived in San Francisco since college. And so living in San Francisco made kind of living, breathing and being surrounded by all [00:05:00] these other people in the tech industry, easier to go out and do something on my own that I'd never dreamed of.

I didn't grow up in an entrepreneurial family. I didn't have any role models in this space. I didn't even know about like cognitive tools and visualizing and using your brain in this, in this way as a tool 20 years ago. But I did know how to do hard things. Like I, you know, I, I did know how to like, do some work in my brain to, you know, heal my eating disorder.

I knew how to, do hard things, you know, just kind of working through stuff from my past. And so I started a tech business and I've been an entrepreneur in the tech industry for the last 20 years as the founder and CEO of Customers Always First. And running this business, I also lived every single day with worry and self doubt.

Every single day, [00:06:00] lots of worry, lots of self-doubt. But I also was bright. I am bright, fairly bright, and I definitely know how to be disciplined and, persevere and get shit done. So, you know, I really muscled my way in this business. and lived with a lot of burnout, but I kept getting shit done. And because I was able to like, get shit done and I was smart

I built a reputation for being an expert in my field. And on the outside I looked like I totally had my shit together and had this amazing life. But on the inside, I was very alone. I felt very sad. I felt very empty. And I always wondered. What's wrong with me, you know, that kind of worry and self doubt always translated to like, what's wrong with me and how can I not be like other humans that feel like life's a little easier for them.

So when I found [00:07:00] my coach, Brooke Castillo's podcast three years ago, and I listened to it. You know, I listened to like a bunch of episodes when I first was introduced to it, a huge gigantic shift inside of me happened. And I decided within the first week of listening to her podcast, that I wanted to become a certified coach at her school at the Life Coach School. Also too, when I think about how just listening to Brooke's podcast completely inspired me. Like I felt I had this feeling in my body of like the light is going off inside of me. I feel inspired. That was also fueled two years ago for me to decide to sit down every week and do my podcast. When I thought just when I think about how she's helped, inspired me to change.

The direction of my life, AKA do a huge plot twist and decide to become a certified life coach. I wanna be of service in that [00:08:00] way to you, my listeners. So, you know, when I decided to, you know, embrace being a coach, I'd never had a coach. I'd no friends who were coaches. I knew zero about the coaching industry.

I knew a lot about the therapy industry, but I knew nothing about coaching. But what's been incredible is learning how to use cognitive tools have unlocked a secret world I now live in that. I thought only others lived in not me. So I only thought all those humans that I admired back then they lived in this secret world.

And there's no way I can enter that secret world, but I now live in that secret world. But I used to look at those humans that I would admire. And I was like, wow, they're doing things that have never been done before. There's an ease to their life. [00:09:00] and that looks really amazing. But so for me, you know, when I decided three years ago that I was gonna be a coach.

And use all these tools on myself first. I totally had this feeling that I had this responsibility to be of service to myself. To really peel back the layers of crap that were weighing me down in those bowels of self doubt and worry that I just talked about. And I had this feeling. It was time for me to not only be of service to myself, but to be of service to other humans.

Yet. I was completely scared shitless. I mean, a coach, like, like, like, what am I even thinking? Like there's no way I can be a coach. And like, people I know would say like, what are you talking about? Like, What's a coach, you know, everyone knows about therapy, but not many humans know about, you know, the coaching industry, but I really [00:10:00] stayed grounded.

I stayed grounded in the belief that I I've done hard things I've never done before, like healing my eating disorder, like starting this, this tech business 20 years ago. So I can do this. But I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to build this business differently and I finally had cognitive tools that are evidence based.

And, um, and also too, like, you know, I've really built this practice where I feel deeply connected to myself. And I now have a spiritual practice in my life every day and I meditate. So I knew I had really a whole different set of tools. For this new business that I was gonna build as a certified life coach.

And what I did, which is really, really powerful and really different for me now is I put my brain to work, to find humans who are doing hard things. Who are doing things that have never been done before. And [00:11:00] I visualize them every day. Visualization is a very powerful cognitive tool visualizing where you're gonna be in a year who you aspire to be yourself.

What other humans you aspire to be like is a very powerful. Tool for your brain because your brain will believe whatever the F you tell it. So if you tell it, you are like these, you know, humans use incredible humans, your brain will believe it. So I visualize do a Lipa, Elon Musk, stereo Blakely, and or JLo every single day.

And I know that they're creative and scared. I know they're filled with self doubt, like I am, and they're determined. They're human, I'm human, you're human. We're all messy and amazing. We're all perfectly imperfect. [00:12:00] And so a few weeks ago, I wrote to my coach, Brooke, that my goal is to make Sarah Moody Coaching the renowned brand in cognitive coaching for the largest companies in the world by 2029.

Half of my brain believes I can do this. The other half of my brain is laughing and snorting out loud saying that's totally effing impossible. But this is why I'm an unpaid influencer for those humans. Because I visualize, I talk about, I breathe, and I think about how I am already like Elon, Dua, Sarah, and JLO right now.

So let's give you some examples. I drive a Tesla. And I replay the movie return to space in my brain and think about how Elon and his team invented a reusable rocket that [00:13:00] had, that got Americans back to space a few years ago. I'm already like Elon because he does hard things every day that have never been done before.

I do hard things every single day. I got on a plane last week, or actually it was two weeks ago now to see Dua Lipa in concert. She's a growth mindset, badass she's wise and creative. And I balled my eyes out at the end of the show and it was so moving. And so I danced to her music most days in my house or my car.

And I'm already like Dua because I have a growth mindset. I'm really creative. I love music and dancing and moving in my body just helps me feel really connected to the magic and the mystery and the wisdom and the creativity inside of me.

I visualized Sara Blakely getting ready for a [00:14:00] party when she realized she didn't have the right undergarment to provide a smooth look under white pants.

And she took out some scissors. And had some genius. And she cut off the feet of her control, top panty hose and the span's revolution began. And I'm already like Sara, because I show up with vulnerability and talk about my relationship with myself, what I struggle with and what what's a little easier for me.

All the time. And she is very vulnerable and very authentic and very transparent about her relationship with herself. So here's what I encourage you to do. Find those humans that inspire you and honor the fact that they inspire you for a reason. There is something in them that is already who you are right now.

So. Find the humans you wanna live with, [00:15:00] breathe with, talk about nonstop daily, visualize them every day. So here's a quick exercise for you. Number one, who are you? An unpaid influencer for number one, number two. Why write down, why are you an unpaid influencer for them? Number three. How are you already like.

And really honor that just, and write the first thing that comes to mind. Don't judge. Don't add, don't edit don't censor. Okay. So I would love to hear who are you the unpaid influencer? Why and how are you already like them? So share them in the comments on LinkedIn, Instagram, or podcast iTunes review anywhere where you're listening to.

Let me know, and I love you have a beautiful rest of your day and [00:16:00] go find those humans that you're an unpaid influencer for. Okay. It's gonna completely shift your experience with yourself and with your life, and it's gonna help you identify and connect with the unique ways that you are on this planet, that, and like why you're on this planet that no one else can be, or shoes can fill on this planet.

You are here for a reason. And our, our work on this journey is to identify that reason connect with that reason go create. And be that reason and use unpaid influencers as a tool in your brain to help you get to that place. All right. I love you. Bye.

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