Ep 102: Greatest Hits: Freedom At Work


  • B-minus work is ENOUGH
  • How to challenge your brain about perfectionism
  • Getting it done well is better than getting it done perfectly

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I've heard from so many clients, colleagues, and friends that they are just feeling burnt the f*ck out at work. So this week I'm sharing one of my favorite episodes of the Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life podcast - Freedom At Work.

My students often come to me with many negative thoughts surrounding work. They are badass women in tech and oftentimes they expect themselves to be delivering A+, perfect work all the time. The stress that this mindset creates often follows them around, not allowing them to "Turn Off" and find freedom.

How do you find freedom at work then Sarah?

B-minus work baby.

From one week of thought work, one of my students in the Rockstar Program has trained her brain to believe that B- work is ENOUGH and now she feels freedom and a sense of calm at work.

Today I am sharing how to do that with you. This is the power of believing that B minus work is enough and how you can use it to drop the shame and self-doubt you’re experiencing at work and replace it with a feeling of freedom as you go about your day.

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Welcome to Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life. Hi, I'm Sarah. And after decades of frantically overworking, never believing I could have what I really wanted in my life and feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and burnt out daily -I finally figured life out. I learned how to feel confident. I reclaimed work life balance and I've created a life I'm totally in love with.

So if you're a high achiever with a team that's struggling with burnout and your mission is to help them grow as humans and retain this badass team this podcast is just for you. I keep it simple. You'll learn the neuroscience based cognitive tools. I and my students use daily to create that reality.

You're gonna run the risk of being passionately in love with your life and career again, just by listening to this podcast. All right, let's go.

Hey, rock stars. How are y'all feeling? I'm feeling proud. I just had a one-on-one coaching session with one of my incredible students. Who's a woman in the technology industry and I always open coaching sessions asking what's one word to describe how you're feeling. And she said, empowered. She has a leadership role in customer advocacy at one of the top three tech companies in terms of size on the planet.

And of course is an overachiever. It's performance review time. And she shared it in the past. She has felt totally stressed and overwhelmed, but in one week she completely believes that B minus work is enough. And now she feels a sense of freedom at work. She's never felt, she feels calm. She feels empowered from one week of thought work. Oh my God. Literally my mind is blown. Y'all I cannot describe the joy. I felt hearing how completely her experience at work has changed with this new belief she'd embraced about who she is, her self concept. I know for many overachievers, this may be a difficult belief to embrace, but I think it's important to note that you get to decide what to believe and what everything means.

So you like my student can just decide that B [00:03:00] minus work is. I 10000% committed to daily practicing that belief two years ago when I started thought work. And it is how I'm able to be a very successful entrepreneur and coach and get so much done and not feel stressed. Yay. Thought work. So today I wanna talk about the power of believing that B minus work is enough and how you can use it to drop the shame and self doubt you're experiencing at work with your deliverables and emails and replace it with a feeling of freedom as you go about your day.

And I know your perfectionist brain is thinking that this is a terrible idea. But you already heard at the top how revolutionary it can be. So I, I invite you to consider how it could work for you. Okay. Instead of doubling down on how it can't. So, let me start with what I see as the problem, and then I'll dive into how you can use your brain to solve it.

I've been in the tech [00:04:00] industry for over 20 years and I absolutely love it. I love my iPhone and all of my apple products and my Tesla. And there are a few things that I think are particularly unique to the tech industry. First of all, the pace of innovation blows my mind. Right. It moves fast! Think about all the new technology in the last few years, blockchain and cryptocurrency robots that look and operate like humans, custom cancer vaccines.

The list is long. Second. This industry attracts wicked smart innovators and thought leaders. And so many incredible people are drawn to this industry and the possibility of it, you can find some of the most brilliant visionary people on the planet, working in tech. and last there's a lot of change in tech. Like I said, the innovation is amazing and the industry's growing and changing so rapidly. It's kind of mind blowing to experience and all of these things are great. Right. They're part of what makes tech so interesting and what [00:05:00] allows tech to impact the world on such a huge scale. But it's also a double edge sword for me and you.

This culture translates into an expectation that you have to think quickly respond immediately. Be brilliant, move fast, deliver perfectly brilliant work all the time. And most of us in the tech industry become hyper focused on productivity to make that happen. And then we can't turn our brains off when we're not at work.

We also end up in this compare and despair hole, always trying to figure out how we measure up against our brilliant accomplished colleagues. And then when you combine this with our natural type a personalities, well, it's a perfect fucking storm for self-doubt and anxiety, right. And that anxiety in self doubt doesn't feel good.

So your brain turns on itself. Tell me if this sounds familiar, you tell yourself that your worth isn't about your accomplishments, but you feel like shit when you don't hit a goal. You hold yourself to a really [00:06:00] high standard end up stress the fuck out, and they get frustrated with your team members for not living up to your expectations.

You often feel overwhelmed at work and spend your free time worrying about if you should be working or maybe you just work all the time, because it feels better than quote being behind. Maybe if you do a mistake or something, doesn't get done by a deadline, you feel like a massive fucking failure. Now don't get me wrong here. I love ambitious badass woman. I love seeing them succeed. I love being a, a successful woman in tech myself. There's nothing wrong with striving for success or trying to reach a goal, but it is possible to work too hard toward your success. You know, that that's happening when it starts to cause a net negative for your relationships, your physical health, your mental health, your ability to love yourself.

Trust me. I've tried that shit. It's a dead end road. So what's the alternative [00:07:00] B minus work baby B minus work is where we stop telling ourselves that work has to be perfect for it to be done. Let's be clear. It's not about not doing a good job. It's not about not caring about your professional reputation and it's definitely not doing less than your best. It's about redefining what your best is because for most of you, high achieving women, you think your best is an a plus every single fucking time, no matter what. And that my friend is just not how life works. Here's the amazing thing about B man is work. You get to decide what it is. So if your primitive puppy brain is freaking out about the idea of B minus work, just change it to A minus.

The point is to get your brain to question these rigid perfectionist standards you set for yourself. My favorite way to implement this is through the calendaring process. I teach in the rockstar program called [00:08:00] getting shit done. One part of that process is that you practice intentionally deciding how much time you wanna spend on a result you set the time that you think is reasonable, and then you make it a non-negotiable to deliver that result by the end of the time.

No working on it just a little more, no. Getting halfway down and setting more time for it on your calendar. No, revising it over and over again to make sure it's perfect. You set the result, you complete the result and the time allotted and you move on. Is it that simple? Yes. Is it that easy? No, that's why we have thought work. That's why I have a whole fucking course on missing The Rockstar Program. Remember, this is an iterative process. We try something. We notice what works and we keep trying, we keep iterating. B minus work is not supposed to set a new, impossible standard for yourself.

It's for you to acknowledge that, getting something done in the time that you say you will is often way more productive than trying to make it perfect. And guess what? [00:09:00] Y'all, I've never had a single fucking student ever say that they tried this and it didn't. Not one student. Seriously, I'm not making this shit up. So here's one exercise for you all this week. Practice this for one hour, put one result on your calendar that you wanna complete in an hour and then make it non-negotiable. Maybe it's like completing that deck or doing the outline for that white paper or doing a peer like performance. Then you can practice a bridging thought. Like it's possible that getting this done well is more important than getting it done perfectly or practice this thought quote, this is an experiment and I'm willing to be curious about it.

And then just notice what thoughts and feelings come up for you and feel free to email me. If you have questions while you're implementing it, you can reach me at Sarah Moody coach at Gmail. All right. One last thing before we wrap this up for the week, my team, and I just [00:10:00] started planning our free Q4 workshop and oh my God, you guys, it's going to be so freaking good.

It's all about conquering analysis paralysis in your brain, which I know you struggle with. And it's gonna be three days of amazing coaching with a full cognitive workbook and a LinkedIn groups. You all can network and learn from each other. I can't freaking wait. It will be October 25, 26 and 27. And this is brand new content that I've never taught before, even in the rockstar program and space is limited.

So make sure you mark your calendars and I can't wait to see you all right. Have a beautiful week. My lovely rock stars. I love you so much. And I'll talk to you soon. If you're loving what you're learning in the podcast, you have to come and check out the rockstar program. It's my coaching program, where we take these neuroscience based cognitive tools and we use them daily to break through burnout so you can fall passionately in love with your life and your career again. [00:11:00] So join me over at Sarah moody.com/rockstar program. I would love to have you join me. You can also follow me at Sarah L moody on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. I can't wait to see you.



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