Ep 106: You Have Enough Time at Work. Why You Think You Don't


  • How you’ve been conditioned to believe there’s not enough time to get your work done, and a big thanks to Stephen Covey who wrote The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for labeling it a “scarcity mindset"
  • Three tools to feel like you have enough time daily where you work at a slower but consistent pace and build a beautifully healthy and productive balance between your work and life.

  • How to take back control so you feel like you’re in charge of time vs it’s in charge of you. The shift from, I’m going to work until I get my work done, to deciding how much time you want to spend at work, and on each deliverable.

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You and your teams have enough time every day to get what you need to get done. Oftentimes there’s a sense of urgency to get things done quickly, but what if you were curious about that? Why do you and your teams feel you have to complete the P1s and then immediately tackle the P2s and then the next P’s?

We’re conditioned by capitalism, and especially in the tech industry to move fast. Think about Mark Zuckerberg’s iconic phrase, “move fast and break things…” We have been conditioned to believe success equals approaching work with speed.

BUT the secret I’m offering to you today is that being slow, steady, and consistent is a healthier and more productive mindset that will actually help you get way more things done in a day. And create a delicious balance between your work, and everything you desire outside of it.

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Welcome to Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life. The only podcast hosted by a high achieving tech entrepreneur and certified coach that teaches you how to use proven cognitive tools to rewire your brain and break through the second pandemic. Burnout. If you lead a company or badass team and need a proven evidence based cognitive course to retain and develop them. This podcast is for you. Sarah helps humans break through burnout, have insane work life balance, and feel magical at work and in their lives again. Here's your host certified coach and tech industry entrepreneur, Sarah Moody. 

Hey Rockstars, excited to connect with you this week about: you have enough time at work. And here's why you and or your teams think you don't. And thank you so much for all of you who have left reviews. And if these tools are speaking to you, these teachings are speaking to you thank you so much for just hopping over to apple iTunes, podcast reviews and dropping a review as it totally helps others find these tools. It is, I think 90 degrees in San Francisco. I had to go find an air conditioned place today, cuz I was so hot and then I just came home. Now I have ice packs that are thankfully keeping me cool. 

So here's what we're gonna talk about. And so I can't promise anything because I'm not God with a little G or God with a big G I'm not the divine, I'm not the universe. I'm not spirit, I'm not any of those things, but I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that you and your teams have enough time every day to get what you need to get done. It's actually possible to get what you need to get done done. And here's why, so, so often I know you and your teams think there's a sense of urgency to get all the things done quickly, right? Like yesterday. And if you get all the priority ones complete, then you need to quickly tackle priority twos. Correct. Right. Like immediately as well. So, I love it. When you get curious about what is going on in your brain, why do you think this way? Like, just get super curious. Right? And so why do you think that there's a sense of urgency to get all the things done quickly? Why do you think there's not enough time at work? Why do you think that if you complete all the P1s you've gotta tackle all the P2s. And trust me, I have been here until I started using thought work and I was burnt out and anxious every single day. So why do you all think this way? Let's get curious. number one, because you've been conditioned by capitalism to believe that you need to move fast. It's how the system works. You've gotta be delivering. You've gotta be creating. You've gotta be delivering products, goods, services. That's how capitalism works.

And if you're in tech, mark Zuckerberg, coined the phrase, move fast and break things. Which means approach, work and innovation with an emphasis on speed and experimenting. And here's the cool thing about tech Tech's cool. And other industries have adopted this mindset thinking this is gonna be cool, but that motto move fast and break things insist that it's more worthwhile to make mistakes disrupt technologies. Like along the way, go fast than to play it safe at a slow and steady pace. And what I'm gonna offer you today is slow and steady and consistent pace. That's the secret. And so this is a mindset. Move fast is a mindset. It's a way of being, and then think about. Productivity. We live in a culture where, you know, time is to be optimized. Everything's to be optimized. How many things can I get done in a day? I can wake up. I can work out. I can run home. I can go to the office. I can scooch out at 5 0 2, go pick up the kids, come home quickly, cook dinner, put them to bed, you know, crash on the couch, exhausted for 30 minutes, go to sleep. Right? It's like run, run, run, run, run. And so that productivity must maximize time must always be producing and being productive is capitalism again. And then let's talk about scarcity mindset. So scarcity mindset is when you don't think you have enough time, you don't think that there you have enough money. 

There's, you know, if you, there's not enough resources, there's not enough skills. You know, Steven coy, I'm probably mispronouncing his last name, Covey C O V E Y. He initially coined the term scarcity mindset in his best selling book. The seven habits of highly effective people and a scarcity mindset and mentality refers to people seeing life as a finite pie. And so there's X amount of time. There's X amount of dollars, there's X amount of things. And so if one person takes a big piece or one deliverable takes a big piece that leaves less for everyone else that leaves less for everything else. And it's actually one of the most inspiring and, and impactful books that has ever been written. As I mentioned, it's about 30 years old and it's transformed so many lives. I mean, one of my favorite of the seven habits is begin with the end of mind. Like where do you wanna go? What's that future state, that future goal, that future self that's habit. Number two. Anyway, pick it up if you're interested, but he coined scarcity mindset 30 years ago. And there's a scarcity MI. So even if it even like he, so he has the idea of like, life is a finite pie. And what I wanna offer to you is the scarcity mindset around time is like, there's a finite amount of time. And yes, there is a finite amount of time, but you get to decide how much time to spend on.

Each one of your deliverables, you get to decide, you're gonna spend, you're gonna focus and prioritize and do this deliverable for 55 minutes. You're gonna work on this project for two hours. You get to decide with your prefrontal cortex and your brain, how much time to spend on deliverables, right? So you are in charge of time versus. There's a finite amount, amount of time. There's eight hours. This one deliverable took me five hours. So I can't do these other things. I want you to flip that switch you're in charge of time. You get to decide how much time to spend on the P1s, the P2s, time with your team. Everything. This is a game changer. So what happens when you are consistently running racing? Not enough time, you end up feeling fried and exhausted and anxious. So ask yourself right now when you are constantly moving fast, not enough time. How do you feel anxious? Right. Anxious gets you all ramped up and amped up inside when you're all an amped up inside, running, running, running.

Guess what you run the risk of being brisk with your team. You run the risk of being brisk and short with your CEO. You are not slowing down to ask your team, like, how are you doing personally? Let's kind of start building some rapport in this hybrid or remote first work world, right? Let's start building connection and vulnerability and camaraderie by getting personal, asking questions slowing down. And yes, I'm a tech human. I grew up in tech. There are times you need to move fast and there are times when you just need to slow down. So what my clients do is number one, they build into their schedule like a bigger percentage of the day where they're focusing, prioritizing and delivering, and they're deciding how much time to spend on those priorities. Number two. They change. My clients have changed, start changing the way they think. And so therefore their state of being to believing there's no rush, really talking to your brain and saying, I have enough time to get what absolutely must get done today. I'm going to spend 55 minutes on. This P one 90 minutes on this. So once you start deciding how much time to spend on, on your deliverables, you do have enough time to get what you absolutely must get done. Number three, my clients often they think, Hey, if I rush and deliver on that revenue number ahead of time or deliver on that marketing plan now, so I can tackle something else.

Then I'm gonna feel accomplished. So only after I've hit these things, nail these things, turn these things in. Will I feel accomplished. Here's what my clients do. They start feeling accomplished today. They don't need to like deliver anything to feel accomplished. They've already been delivering amazingness in their entire career. So start feeling accomplished today. And be open to believing that you have more than enough time today to get your top priorities delivered and ask your team. Hey, how was your weekend? Hey, how are you feeling? Hey, what are you struggling with right now? And. Finally, this is what they do. They close their laptop. They get outside to exercise , spend some quality time with their peeps and they do all the things that you are dying to do. So be open to believing. And now I am not God that you have enough time to get the things done that you need to get done at work. And start getting curious and definitely act confused when you hear your brain's thoughts that you don't, it's a big fat lie and it is keeping you anxious and it's having all kinds of negative effects in your life in terms of work life balance and not exercising and just feeling generally fried and overwhelmed. Right? So you've got three things that my clients do every single day. Go back and listen to them. If you need to listen to them again and have a beautiful rest of your week. Okay. Bye. 

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