Ep 119: Why You Must Be Willing To Get It Wrong


  • What really motivates us
  • The cost when you’re not willing to take action and get it wrong
  • You can be right or you can be happy. Incredible things happen at work when you’re willing to be wrong.  

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 Everything we do in life is because we want to experience a feeling.

Many of my students desire to feel proud, wild, energized, determined, connected, and motivated.

And so many actually feel stuck and hopeless, and they doubt themselves.

Your ability to achieve the feelings and results you desire is directly correlated to the amount of times youʻre willing to fail and get it wrong.

In todayʻs episode, I talk all about what really stands in the way of what you desire and how to bridge the gap to get there. 

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Welcome to Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life. The only podcast hosted by a high achieving tech entrepreneur and certified coach that teaches you how to use proven cognitive tools to rewire your brain and break through the second pandemic, burnout. If you lead a company or badass team and need a proven, evidence based cognitive course to retain and develop them, this podcast is for you.

Sarah helps humans break through burnout, have insane work life balance, and feel magical at work and in their lives again. Here's your host, certified coach and tech industry entrepreneur, Sarah Moody. 

Hey, rock stars. How are you all doing this week? I hope Amazing. I love this time of year, the holidays. I put up my Christmas tree last year and it's looking amazing. It's white with all the white lights in it, and then all my ornaments are glass and they are just super [00:01:00] meaningful to me, like I have... an airplane up there and a little suitcase, and of course, dog related stuff and travel related ornaments. And so, it's so fun. 

All right, so this week I wanna talk to you about why you must be willing to get it wrong. So why you must be willing to try things and get those thingswrong. So many of my students really wanna feel proud of how they showed up.

They wanna feel a little energized, purposed, determined, connected to other humans, maybe even a little bit wild that you know, they're not following what society has expected them to do. 

And so my first question to you is, do you know what you desire to feel daily? Because everything you. Or don't do is because you want to experience a feeling. 

Many of you want to feel proud that you scored that new job or that new [00:02:00] promotion, or you want to feel wild because you stopped caring about what other people thought and you left the tech industry for your dream job to go fly jets, which is what one of my students just did, which was amazing. 

Why is this important to be willing to try things and get it wrong? Because this is how you move your life forward. This is how you land that job where you're flying jets or you're deciding to become an entrepreneur. 

When you're willing to get it wrong, you show up for your desires and yourself.

 When you're willing to try things and get them wrong and not make getting it wrong means something negative about you, you make getting it wrong, mean you're a step closer to what you desire for your life. You're a little bit happier. 

When you're willing to try things and get your resume ready if you wanna find a new role, you're willing to send your resume out. And if your experience isn't clear to the audience, you change the message. And if you're noticing, you're not feeling belief in yourself, as you [00:03:00] work with a recruiter, you get curious and look at, you know, creating some awareness of what sentences you're putting in your brain. What stories are you telling yourself?

Is it I'll never get another job? Is it I'm not qualified? Is it I must keep working hard at this job because I'm not ready for the next one. What are those sentences that are stopping you from being willing to take a step and get it wrong? 

Maybe you wanna feel toned and fit and lose five pounds and go to the gym three days a week.

And if that doesn't work if that recipe doesn't work, get curious about why. Look at maybe what you're eating and seeing where you may be using food to buffer versus using food for fuel.

Maybe this is an opportunity to think about speaking up at work and saying something in that meeting with the leadership team, even if it's not a hundred percent correct, you've used your voice, you've shared your unique insights and thoughts on that [00:04:00] topic in the meeting. 

Because what's the cost when you're not willing to try things and get them wrong?

I want you to ask yourself that question right now. What's the cost to you when you're not willing to try things and get them wrong? For many of my clients, it's just feeling miserable and being stuck.

Feeling like they're wearing, like concrete boots, feeling hopeless. Like, there's no way I could ever speak up in that meeting. 

And when you're feeling stuck and like a victim and hopeless, I want you to move towards yourself. I want you to drop in and move towards yourself and your fears, and you're scared. And talk to your brain and coach yourself to that place of, yeah, I'm, I'm willing to do this. I'm willing to get it wrong so that I can show up for myself and my life and my career.

The cost, when you're not willing to try things and, and, and like get it wrong. You [00:05:00] actually increase the feelings of self doubt and not trust in yourself. You increase the the thoughts of, I don't know the answer. So when you're noticing that you're not willing to try things and get it wrong because you're doubting yourself, I want you to move towards yourself with love and compassion.

And maybe say something to your brain like, Hey, I love you brain, and I'm open to believing that I can get it wrong and still be okay.

So the difference between what I teach and the opposite is when you're not willing to get it wrong, you stay small in your life, you stay quiet in those meetings. You stay in the same job. You don't honor that dream maybe to become an entrepreneur. You don't honor that desire for your dream job at that startup.

One of my clients just left a big tech job and is now been a startup, loving it. And when you're not honoring your desires, you're not honoring the blueprint for your life and why you're here on this planet. Your desires are medicine for your soul. Your [00:06:00] desires are actually why you are here on this planet. 

But so many of you are just too busy with sentences in your brain of I'm not built for that. That's not meant for people like me. 

And when you stay small in your life, not honoring your dreams and desires, you end up feeling hopeless and resentment, and those feelings of hopelessness and resentment will ooze out into all the parts of your life. You might find yourself feeling levels of resentment and hopelessness about your romantic partner.

Or maybe about certain friendships, and so those feelings are not useful. Those feelings are not gonna help you move your life forward. Feeling hopeless will keep you stuck. Feeling resentment will only lead to anger and pushing people away. So it's important to try things and get them wrong so you can celebrate yourself.

Celebrate that you did it. So I want you to spend some time in your brain this week [00:07:00] visualizing that new role at work or that new field you wanna leave tech for, or saying something in that meeting youʻve been dying to speak up about, but have been too afraid to speak. 

Visualize yourself in those places, and visualize yourself feeling the fear of getting it wrong, but not judging yourself. Don't judge and make it a right or a wrong. Make it that you moved your life forward, you're going in the right direction. You're no longer stuck, feeling hopeless, and then let them be wrong about you. This is one of my favorite thoughts: you can be right or you can be happy. So let's choose being happy.

And I know so many of you fear what other people will think because you got it wrong, quote unquote. But please, drop the judgment of its right or wrong and really focus on the feelings of happiness, calm, confident, inspired, and all the things that you want to feel right now because you were [00:08:00] willing to do the hard thing to show up for yourself in your career, in your life; drop the judgment of it's wrong or it's right. Just be willing to try and keep going. 

All right, you got this and I hope you have a beautiful rest of your week and I'll talk to you next week. Okay. Bye. 

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