Ep 124: $1.1M in 4 Days/Week


  • The three lessons I used in 2022 to create the result of my business bringing in more money than I ever imagined was possible for me- all while maintaining balance and not overworking. 
  • The daily reality of what it takes to create these results.
  • What it costs to not pursue your dream goals.

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 In 2021 I set goals for myself that were truly impossible for me. They were larger than I had EVER imagined and required me to completely change who I was to create them.
This week Iʻm walking you through what those goals were, how I approached creating them, and the obstacles I faced in the process.

It wasnʻt all roses and sunshine, but the result was a 72% increase in revenue and a 20% decrease in hours worked. 

Iʻm also going over why so many of us are hesitant to create these goals for ourselves, beliefs that weʻve been socialized to believe, and the cost of not going after your big, dreamy goals. At the end of this episode youʻll have everything you need to take the first steps in blowing your own mind by the time December 2023 rolls around. 

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Welcome to Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life. The only podcast hosted by a high achieving tech entrepreneur and certified coach that teaches you how to use proven cognitive tools to rewire your brain and break through the second pandemic, burnout. If you need a proven, evidence based cognitive course this podcast is for you.

Sarah helps humans break through burnout, have insane work life balance, and feel magical at work and in their lives again. Here’s your host, certified coach and tech industry entrepreneur, Sarah Moody. 

Hey, rock stars. So excited to chat with you in this new year 2023. I just got back from an amazing week in one of my favorite winter wonderlands on the planet Telluride, Colorado. I went there for about eight days with the guy that I’m dating. We went fat tire biking. We saw Jewel in concert to Torchlight parade and fireworks. I felt ease, fun, connected, loved. It was amazing. 

So this week I want to talk about 2022 and how I made 1.1 million working four days a week. Y’all. I’ve literally blown my own mind officially with this result. And yes, the journey had many high five moments in 2022 where I celebrated, and lots of discomfort and procrastinating and all the things that make us human.

Because remember, we’ve got a human brain and half we’re very good at managing and a lot of it is just a bit of a mess, and that’s okay. We’re humans doing the best we can. So I made this decision to work four days a week and make this much money in December of 2021. And it seemed ridiculous, like completely inconceivable.

Like there is no way, because in my past the most I would ever make in my brain was like, I don’t know, 2, 250, $300,000 a year. So this just felt completely inconceivable, but it was 72% more than the prior year, and I just have to thank my past self for hooking me up.

*And for any of you that have access to Instagram or LinkedIn, you have to go look at the little writeup for this podcast because it links to this Instagram reel of me doing a dance to Snoop Doggs song I gotta Thank Me and I cracked myself up.

So I want to have this conversation about money, which for me a couple years ago was a very difficult conversation to have because so much of our society makes it taboo to talk about money; I feel very strongly that I want to have this conversation about women and men making as much money as they want.

It could be $50,000 a year. It could be $25,000 a year. It could be $25 million a year, and making it and not hustling, stressed out and overworking to get there. I want you to see that you can work as little or as much as you want. You don’t have to work four days a week or five days a week or three days a week.

You can work as little or as much as you want, as long as it’s not at the expense of the other things that you want to do in your life. So much of my life until I started coaching myself and getting coached was believing “Because I’m a high achiever,I have so much to do.”

There was never enough time. I worked gazillions of hours and I never believed I could make as much money as I wanted.

Last week’s podcast episode, 123, it’s titled The Best Year Yet, with Adele Bethel, who’s one of my clients. She never thought she could be more successful and work 10 to 20% less. And in 2022 she did, she signed one of the biggest deals of her career. She worked 10 to 20% less. She built an amazing relationship with her husband, her kids, herself.

She completely broke up with feeling fried and hustling and stressed. So check out last week’s podcast episode. It’s pretty amazing and we’re super fun and super cute. So I have a question for you. How many of you think you can work smarter, not harder, and make more money?

I bet there’s probably not a lot of you that think this way, but this is what I want to offer to you. This is what I do, this is what my students do, and so let’s dive in. 

First, let’s look at, especially for you women who are listening to the podcast, many of you women subconsciously believe- so it’s not in your conscious, it’s subconscious.

And this included me. I am no exception to, I’m no different than you are. 

Number one. These were limiting beliefs that I used to have that I’m wondering how many of you have, like go into your brain and check it out. Number one, you’re not that good with money. Men are better with money. They’re just better.

You know, you spend too much. You don’t know how to save. I used to have this belief that I was bad with money and my dad and men were better. It’s a lie. 

Number two, ultimately you don’t need to make a lot of money because you’re gonna be dependent on your husband. I totally learned that from my successful father, a hundred percent. How many of you subconsciously believe that? 

Number three, you’re not that good with financial matters. Stock picks earnings per share, understanding how to invest, all the things. I mean, I totally believe that; I still have work to do in this area. I still kind of think that I’m not like that, it’s just a little beyond my comprehension, but I’ve had to coach myself in these areas and get coached by coaches.

So our society and our families teach us these beliefs and what’s the cost, right? In believing that you have to work hard, long, be stressed as hell, to be successful and to make more money, number. I’m gonna share a couple of examples that even start with me. I mean, I used to wish I was like other people where they were super successful and they didn’t seem stressed.

I felt resentment towards them, just resentment in general because I was like, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I be like them? 

And number two, the cost is your life stays small. When you’re working and on a hamster wheel and not getting up to like a 30,000 foot level and seeing that you can shift belief and you can make more money and you can do it in less time, and, and you can do all these things like you are no different, you stay small on that little hamster wheel, feeling stressed, feeling resentment, feeling anxious. Feeling all the things. 

And so what I teach, as you all know, as you’ve been listening to my podcast, is I teach you that the thoughts and beliefs in your brain, whether they’re conscious or subconscious, will create your reality.

So how much money you have in your bank account and how many days you work a week in the office or as an entrepreneur completely correlates to your beliefs in your brain. And for me, I’m on a mission to help all the humans see that you can have a career that you enjoy, that you feel inspired, you go to work and you’re kind of excited to do it.

You can understand how you are in charge of your brain, and therefore you can create any reality by shifting belief in your brain by working on your conscious thoughts. By, “I’ve done a lot of work in 2022, I’m really clearing out a lot of subconscious thoughts that I didn’t even know were deep down in my brain”, but whether you’re, you know, Adele, myself, and all my other students, you absolutely, just by putting your brain to work can decide how much you want to work, how much money you want to make. I’m even working with a couple of my clients right now who work in corporate America, but they want to make 50% more money over the next couple years. So guess what they’re doing? They’re putting their brain to work and “how can I make that money?”

There’s lots of ways to think creatively once you start putting your brain to work to make more money and still work in corporate America. 

So what are the three lessons that I used in 2022 to create this result from my business of bringing in more money than I ever thought was ever imaginable for me in my life, and really having a balanced life and not overworking.

And feeling overall pretty calm, pretty confident; you know, definitely I struggled a lot and, and I felt stuck and I procrastinated. 

But the big three lessons that I want to share with you is, when you think about December, 2023, what do you want to have created as a result for your life, as a reality for your life?

Do you want to work less? Do you want to make more money? 

So the question for me this year was, what will it be like when I make a million dollars? That’s the question I asked myself at the beginning of last year, and I started living from that place. It was already done. I’d already made a million dollars, and I showed up every day in 2022 from that place. 

I dressed like that person. I acted that way. I had consistent sleep. I traveled like a person who made a million dollars. I lived from that place. 

So lesson number one is to be that person starting today. What do they think? What do they feel? Adele, my client in last week’s podcast, shared how she would wake up every day, take a shower, get dressed, go to work in her office, in her house, and feel in her body that she was a badass driving this business. She ended up signing the biggest deal of her entire career last year. 

So what will it be like when you create that reality? Is question number one of working less, or making, you know, $200,000 or making a hundred thousand dollars? It’s already done. 

Number two. I created very powerful products my clients love in the two areas I coach; I advise tech leaders on how to be the most valuable partner to their top clients. And number two, I coach achievers like you in tech on how to work 10 to 20% less while nailing your OKRs. And we do all this in 180 days, y’all.

 How can you be more strategic at work? Deliver more value to your team, to your company, to your business, to your boss, to your CEO? How can you create powerful products, services, deliverables, and nail those OKRs? 

The third lesson for me was I struggled a lot, especially in the second half of the year, and I failed a lot.

I procrastinated, I felt stuck, I coached myself daily. I had a lot of love and compassion for myself through it all. And I kept the endgame in sight, and I asked myself a lot in Q4, ” what are you trying to avoid?” Because when you feel stuck and you’re procrastinating, We’re all as humans, avoiding something and nothing’s gone wrong.

And for me the answer was failure. Really afraid of not getting it right, of failing. And I just loved myself because I had to give myself an extra dose of love because I was failing ahead of time and not showing up and being of service and delivering amazing value to my clients when I’m procrastinating and feeling stuck. So lesson number three was struggling, loving myself, and still taking action. 

So I want you to think about December 2023, 12 months from now, what do you want to have created this year? I want you to really take five or 10 minutes and think about this. Do you want to work 10 to 20% less? Do you want to over-deliver on your OKRs?

What do you want to have created for yourself in your career? And what will it be like when you’ve done that? What will your life be like? Are you the person who you know, wakes up early and goes to the gym, takes a shower, gets dressed in your corporate gear? Looks like you’ve got it going on and goes into the office in your house?

I want you to write it out. I want you to visualize it. I want you to feel it. I want you to live from that end place of December, 2023 daily. If you’re one of the people who wants to work less, I’m working right now with one of my students where every Friday she takes the afternoon off every Friday afternoon.

So maybe you start there. Or maybe you take off one Friday afternoon a month. But take little steps if you want to start working less. Okay? 

So right now, as you all probably can imagine, I’ve got my eye on the prize of December, 2023, and I’m living from that place today. Okay. All right, you got this.

Have a beautiful rest of your week and I’ll talk to you next week. I love you all. Happy 2023. Bye.

If you’re loving what you’re learning in the podcast, you have to come and check out the Rockstar Program. It’s my coaching program where we take these neuroscience based cognitive tools and we use them daily to break through burnout so you can fall passionately in love with your life and your career again.

So join me over at SarahMoody.com/rockstarprogram I would love to have you join me. You can also follow me @sarahlmoody on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. I can’t wait to see you



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