Ep 125: Be A Belief Disruptor


  • What is a belief disruptor
  • How you can thrive even in the midst of an economic downturn
  • How choosing what you think makes you a more effective leader

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 On todayʻs episode, weʻre unpacking what it means to be a Belief Disruptor and how being a disruptor can help you to be in control of your reality at work- even in uncertain economic times.

Weʻll also talk about how you tapping into and embodying your identity can empower you to show up boldly as a leader. If youʻve ever wondered what your work and career would look like if you knew how to rewire your brain and show up as the leader you dream of being, this episode is for you. Tune in and learn how to show up powerfully regardless of whatʻs going on around you.

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Welcome to Rock Your Brain. Rock Your Life. The only podcast hosted by a high-achieving tech leader and certified coach that teaches you how to use proven cognitive tools to rewire your brain so you work 10 to 20% less while crushing your golds. And you'll do this in 180 days. Hi, I'm. After decades of frantically overworking, never believing I could achieve big goals in my life, and feeling constantly anxious, overwhelmed, and burnt out daily at work, I finally figured work out.

I learned how to work less. While identifying and nailing goals, I never thought possible. I learned how to feel calm, confident, and a sense of ease at work. So if you're a high achiever who wants to achieve big goals but doesn't even think it's possible unless you work a gajillion hours, Or doesn't even think big goals are possible in any way, shape, or form.

This podcast is for you. I keep it simple. You'll learn the neuroscience based cognitive tools I and my clients use daily to work less while achieving more than they ever imagined. Quick side note, you'll run the recipe of being passionately in love with your career.

Hey, rock stars. Oh my goodness. It is sunny today in San Francisco. And we're all ecstatic. We've gotten about 20 inches of rain since, uh, boxing Day, December 26th. So it's been the wettest 22 day period since 1862. Yeah, we're kind of drowning out here, so we're very happy that We're officially back to being the Sunshine State out here in California and this morning, as I think most of you know, who've been following me, I go to Equinox about four times a week.

I go to classes, hiit classes, and I fired up the app this morning and they had a story about this woman, I think she's in New York. Her name's Marion Park and she's an orthopedic surgeon now turned shoe designer. And they were referring to her as a quote fashion disruptor, and I was like, oh my God, I love this kind of phrase and I'm going to adopt it.

Cuz this is what all of my clients do. Me and my clients, we're all belief disruptors. 

So what's a disruptor? Of course I fired up Google. It's a person or a thing that interrupts an event, activity, or a process by causing a disturbance. Okay, so interrupting an event, interrupting a belief, or it's a company or a form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation.

I mean, one example of a disruptor is I think of my coach, Brooke Castillo, who founded the Life Coach School. She's a disruptor in the coaching industry. She is a total badass. Last year she did 52 million dollars and she's on her way to doing a hundred million dollars. She is changing so many humans' lives, including mine, and then I get to help all of my clients' lives change.

So it's so good to be a part of disrupting the coaching industry with amazing, proven cognitive tools that help you rewire your. So to me, being a belief disruptor is about being a person who interrupts their beliefs. A person who questions that sentence, a k a belief that you're noticing, question those sentences.

Are they serving you? Are they creating the reality that you want? When you look at your work week, for example, are you working 60 hours a week and fried? Then I would offer to you that you've got a bunch of sentences in your brain that are creating that reality, and I know there's lots of constraint around resources and humans and all the things, but I can tell you from working with a lot of high achievers in tech, myself included, we don't have to overwork.

So I wanna talk about, conscious beliefs. So beliefs are just sentences in your brain, okay? So a conscious belief is, you know, like, what are your thoughts right now? So tell me what you're thinking right now. Like, just think about that. Those are your conscious beliefs.

So, for example, The beliefs or thoughts I have right now are, I'm so excited to share these ideas in the podcast today with my clients and listeners. What are your conscious beliefs right now? Another conscious belief I have is I'm an amazing coach. I help achievers work 20% less while totally crushing their goals, and we do this in 180 days, and I know I'm the best coach on the planet for humans who want this in their lives, who want this new reality. 

So those are all conscious beliefs. Now let's talk about unconscious or subconscious beliefs. And I know so many of you, use technology or work in the technology industry like I do as well. And so I want you to think about the operating system of your phone right now.

Your phone has an operating system which allows all the apps and all the phone and all the texting and all the things to happen. So I want you to think about, your brain has an operating system, and there are a lot of unconscious and subconscious beliefs in that operating system. And many of them, they're like bugs in the software that operate your operating system.

So bugs in software, for example, would be like, if we go back to your phone, maybe there's a bug where, the texting app doesn't work or there's a bug where, it keeps like shutting down your phone keeps shutting down, for example. So those are examples of bugs that need to be removed out of the phones operating system and out of your operating system. 

So you've probably got a bunch of deep, past memories in your operating system, AKA your deep parts of your brain that you're not aware of. So for example, for a long time, I was paralyzed by the fear of failure and I had no idea that I was paralyzed by the fear of failure. As many of you, who've been following me, I'm like, you know ex-CEO of perfection.com. But there was still some subconscious, unconscious beliefs that I had no idea, kinda like software bugs in an operating system, deep down the recesses of my brain that I didn't know were there. And thankfully at the beginning of January I was able to, do some clearing of my subconscious beliefs through energy healing.

I have an energy healer and she really helps me go into my operating system of my brain and really clear out these beliefs energetically from my subconscious. And it was so like fascinating to see how differently I show up after I do this energy clearing. I was over at my boyfriend's house last weekend and I went downstairs and I was doing some meditating and I did some kind of energy clearing and I came back upstairs and he's like, "wow, you feel so different; what did you just do?" 

And I told him and he's like, "you feel so different. I can feel your energy is in such a different place, like a good, you know, light magical place." 

 So why am I sharing this with you? Because if you find yourself feeling in a part of your life, maybe it's at work, stuck uninspired and you don't believe that your work can be awesome and feel you know, a sense of ease about it, there may be some beliefs stuck way down in your subconscious that are getting in your way. 

And I've been doing thought work, which is what I teach for a few years, but there have been some parts of my life where I've felt super stuck and super unable to move forward for a while.

For example, I had to do some energy clearing around, this fear and really move through that energy and that limiting belief. So what I wanna talk to you about today is how you could be a belief disruptor so that you can rocket as a leader in this current economic climate.

All right, so I've talked about beliefs. I've talked about what I mean by being a disruptor and before I go to the next topic, I wanna talk to you about being; notice in the title of podcast I have B as two capital letters. And for many of you high achievers, you are just used to doing, acting, taking action, action, action and not going kind of higher up into your brain and looking at your identity, who you decide to be- your being.

And so, your being is just the nature or essence of who you are. So for me, you know who I am as a being is I'm a woman who embodies growing personally daily. I'm an example of what's possible. I'm a person who doesn't let negative shit into my brain. That is who I am as a person. 

For example, I walked out of the movie Avatar last weekend because when they started killing animals and going to war, I didn't want that fear and anxiety that I would experience by watching the animals get killed in the war, I didn't want that in my brain and in the cells in my body. 

So I'm a thought disruptor and a belief disruptor because I choose what to believe. You've heard me talk about this for the last couple years in the podcast. I also choose how I immerse myself. Where do I go? What do I do? What do I allow into my brain?

I'm very protective of what goes into my brain. So as a belief disruptor, you are creating radical change in who you are. Your being, your identity as a human, you're innovating your brain or rewiring your brain, as you've heard me so often, say over the last couple years. Because those sentences and beliefs in your brain create the reality you desire, or those sentences in your brain are not creating the reality you desire.

Maybe you want to work less than 60 hours a week; if that's your reality right now look at the sentences in your brain that are creating that reality. Maybe the sentence is "I have so much work to do and I can't say no because I don't want to be perceived as a problem colleague." That sentence is tricky because in your mind, your brain may be saying, of course I can't say no because I might be perceived as the problem employee, and then I might get fired.

Like, your brain has a whole bunch of stories about that sentence. And that's the work that I do as a coach is help you see your mind, help you see what's going on in your brain that's creating the reality you have right now that you effing hate.

Maybe it's just, you know, way too much work and not enough calm and ease at work. I want you to think about how you are thinking, who you are, who you're deciding to be, the identity you're embodying, is showing up at work. So I was working with a client this week and yes, definitely there's a tough economic climate out there right now.

There's a lot of constraints on budgets and resources and revenues are soft, companies are laying people off and it's the new year and, and for many of you out there, it may be feeling really kind of shitty and hard right now, and you might feel a lot of frustration, but think about when you feel frustrated at work, how does that show up for you? 

Are you complaining in staff meetings? Are you calling in sick? Are you thinking about quitting? If you think about yourself at work and the reality you're creating at work, and I know you're a leader already, what does that reality look like? 

Are you looking like a leader? Are you showing up in that leadership way of being and embodying, being a leader, regardless of the circumstance and the tough economic climate out there? I don't let what the news is telling me, impact my beliefs in terms of being a leader as a coach in terms of being a leader, as a technology entrepreneur, working with all types of big tech companies.

I don't let that make me small, limit my goals, limit my dreams. I stay grounded in, I can create through my brain, my reality. I can create, that ease, success at work and in my life by using my brain. 

So the question to ask yourself is, are you gonna show up daily despite the current economic climbing, believing this is the opportunity to be bold with your executive leadership team, to bring ideas and solutions and use your brain creatively so that it will pay dividends and bring great results to your goals that matter, and that you can do this, especially in the current climate?

 What's your conviction to who you are as a leader, and the ideas, and the proposals that you bring to the team?

How can you show up not allowing the current economic climate to get in the way? How can you show up at work with bold ideas and be a leader during times like this? I know that you are that leader. I know that you can shine. I know that that's in you. 

But when you don't decide who to be and disrupt the thoughts in your brain so that you show up as the leader, despite the current economic climate, you're gonna show up as a frustrated, complaining, victim-y leader.

And I know that's not who you are. I don't allow the barrage of negative economic and world news into my brain. I just don't. Why? Because how am I gonna feel when I take all that in? I'm gonna feel some anxiety. I'm gonna feel some insecurity. I'm gonna get a little rattled, and those feelings are gonna create what kind of action for me in my life.

Not much. A little bit of paralysis. Maybe watch another, you know, three hours of Netflix. And I don't choose to live in La la land, but I do choose to stay at my highest energy vibration, detaching from external messages and beliefs and bullshit. I choose to connect with pure, clean, conscious beliefs that make me feel effing alive and that, of course I can show up and be a great coach to my clients. Of course, I can build this coaching business and this technology consulting business. Yeah, it's gonna take work, but I know how to coach my brain and I am a leader. 

So the question I have for you is what do you choose to believe about who you are in this current economic climate at work?

Next question, what beliefs do you choose to disrupt in your brain? What beliefs do you choose to interrupt in your brain? Beliefs that are not serving you. All right. Rock stars, have a beautiful rest of your day. I love you all so much, and I will talk to you next week. Okay, bye.

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I would love to have you join me. You could also follow me @sarahlmoody on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. I can't wait to see you.



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