Ep 86: The Playbook for Navigating Heartbreak (Part 2)


  • Two more important steps to take when navigating heartbreak
  • Examples from my personal life to work from in your own journey

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This week, we’re revisiting my playbook for managing heartbreak.

I want to reiterate how powerful Thought Work has been for me in navigating the recent end of my relationship. Remember, Thought Work is all about choosing how you want to think, on purpose. Then allowing those intentional thoughts to create your life.

I could have made the betrayal in the end of my relationship mean a bunch of negative things about me, BUT instead I chose to think about the core values I have about myself. That I love myself. That I know I am amazing. That I am strong, courageous, and perseverant.

And so I want to share with you two more steps to navigating heartbreak on this podcast. Trust me just by using these simple tools for 10 minutes daily; you will KNOW that you can navigate this difficult part of your life.

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Sarah Moody: 

Okay, rockstars. How are y'all doing today? I'm so excited. We're going to talk today about how to navigate heartbreak. Part two. I did part one last week, so best to start there before you dive into part two. And before we get started with the podcast. You know what I'm going to say. A huge favor. If you love the podcast and you're learning tools, please, thank you so much for reviewing the podcast on iTunes because your reviews help others find these tools.

So I love what I teach. I teach a set of tools, call thought work. And yes, I use them every darn day on myself. And just a quick refresher. Um, thought work is about choosing how you want to think on purpose and then creating that in your life Thought work helps you show up and live in the human experience, such as heartbreak, what I'm going to talk about today, so that it serves you.

And as I mentioned in part, one thought work is not to be used for thoughts, swapping, or to beat yourself up and make things that happen in your life, mean something negative about you thought work is about choosing what you want to think on purpose, what you want to believe about yourself that feels believable.

Okay. So let's talk about navigating heartbreaks. So, you know, One of the things that I could have done is my romantic relationship ended, you know, for me kind of quickly, and there was betrayal involved and I could have made the betrayal in my romantic relationship, mean a bunch of different things. I'm not funny enough, I'm not fun enough or some other bullshit and not.

And what was so amazing about having our tools, our thought work tools is when this happened. I went back to the, what I know in my bones to be true about me and about you and your. That we are all a hundred percent perfectly imperfect, and we're all doing our best. And I really truly believe that. So when this circumstance in my life changed, I went to this place of life.

Beliefs about myself and how much I love about myself and how amazing I am. And funny I am and smart. I am and fun. I am. And all the other things I had to talk back to my brain. Right. And really go back to my beliefs. And it was pretty quick. I only had like a few moments where I kind of went down that, you know, kind of negative talks.

And here's how I feel, you know, seven days after doing the simple steps I've shared, I'm going to share with you below. I feel, I feel ease. I feel sense of ease, calm, comfort, power. You know, I've really, as I shared last week, I've been practicing a lot of feeling, the feelings of anger and sadness. And fear and sorrow the loss and feeling those vibrations every day.

And so what I want to share with you this week are two more steps for navigating heartbreak in a part of your life. This is just more of what I've been doing. Y'all that's getting me to those feelings of calm comfort in that. Step one for 30 days. I want you to put your brain on the hunt daily and write down all the ways you showed up and were quote all in on that friendship or romantic relationship or landing that promotion at work.

How did you show up in full belief? And we're all in find evidence and beliefs that feel believable and serve you and create feelings of love ride. And deep admiration for yourself and how you showed up.

Step two, only after you've processed a good amount of the feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and loss that I talked about last week is it then time from a place of not being attached to that old lover, that best friend who ended their relationship, that job that you really wanted, that you didn't get only when you don't feel that deep attachment:

then what I encourage you to ask yourself only from a place of I don't need to change fucking anything about myself. I'm perfectly imperfect. I want you to ask yourself three questions. Number one, what can I learn from this heartbreak? Number two. How was this heartbreak happening for me? Number three.

What do I choose to think and feel about what happened so that it serves me. So I'm going to answer the questions myself about me navigating heartbreak with my romantic relationships. Question one, what can I learn from this heartbreak? I learned that in the future, I'm going to honor my feelings of fear and notice where they're coming from and commit to love and honor me and that little voice, 

instead of believing more in someone else's voice.

Question number two, how is this heartbreak happening for me? For me? What I now see is this heartbreak is teaching me to love myself harder, deeper, more passionately than ever before. Question three, what do I choose to think and feel about what happened so that it serves me.

I choose to think, and I actually completely believe this, but I'm one step closer to my forever guy, and I feel calm. So here are two more steps for navigating heartbreak and a part of your life. And coming back to that place of feeling calm, ease, and confident that you can navigate the human experience, that 50 50 of life, the heartbreak that shows up around romance, friendships, dreams, work, y ou name it, wherever that heartbreak shows up.

These are very simple tools that I can promise you. If you use them daily for 10 minutes, you will feel completely like, you know what? I can do this. This is hard. And I can navigate this chapter of my life. So drop me a note. If you have questions and how to navigate your heart hurting and a part of your life, and if you want help with this, I'm an expert at helping women feel confident, calm, ease, navigate heartbreak, you name it all parts of your life.

And I would love to help you. I love hearing about you and your stories. And so if you want to book some time with me, go to Sarah, moody.com, go and find the book a consult pa ge. Books some time with me. I want to hear about your story. I want .To help you navigate heartbreak. Feel more at ease at your life.

Show up at work in the way that you want to show up. Just feel good about who you are because you're amazing. And I love you, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your week and I'll talk to you next week. Okay. Bye.

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