Ep 91: How to Stop Procrastinating


  • My 3 personas of procrastinating habits
  • 2 actionable tools to break up with perfectionism and get out of the procrastination habit

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Do you ever wait to the last minute to get a project done? Maybe you end up stressed and dissatisfied with your work?

Or do you call yourself "lazy" if you don't do something you had planned?

Or maybe you're constantly saying "I'm so busy" and aren't able to get everything done in a day...

Friends, these are all forms of procrastination.

And really, procrastination is the ultimate killer of our dreams and desires!

In this podcast, I'll dive into the three major personas of procrastination.

Then I'll share two great tools to help you
1. break up with perfectionism
2. end the habit/cycle of procrastination

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Hey, rockstars how y'all doing this week. I hope you're feeling calm, doing great. So I have noticed as a coach, both in myself and with my students that, um, I've come up with like a way of categorizing procrastinators into three types. So this is kind of a fun podcast. so I invite you to see.

If you sit in any of these three types, or if you've got a little bit of like all three types in terms of how you show up, and then I'm going to give you two actionable tools around how to stop procrastinating. 

Okay. I am so excited because on June 7th, please join me at three 30. Pacific time online for a speaking engagement that I'm doing with the women tech global conference, 2022, all about future-proofing your workforce and how to change the mindset that we have in tech that working hard and working long hours is somehow a badge of honor.

So come and join me, go to Sarah and you'll see events and you'll see how to register for how to future proof, your team and your workforce. So I look forward to seeing you there and now let's go back to the podcast. So let's talk about procrastination Of course, I had to hop on Google. I had to understand exactly what the definition was so I could share it with y'all it's delaying or postponing action.

It's putting off doing something that is procrastination and. When we put off doing things, guess what we waste time and time is the most important asset that we have in our lives. We have a finite amount of time on this incredible planet and most of us. Including myself before, before I hired my coach suck at staying focused and managing our time properly.

So there's lots of procrastination which I call like definitely indulging lots of, you know, denying ourselves what we truly want in our life. And I think. Everything you desire in your brain and in your body. And what you want for your life is actually something deep down that you really want. And you can really have, if you decide to feel worthy of that dream and that desire and shift belief in yourself and go make all that fucking amazing shit happen for your life.

When most people never see their dreams come to life because of procrastination. So procrastination is like the killer of our dreams and desires. So I want to give you two super actionable tools to help you get out of procrastinate. 'cause my, you know, putting off taking action because maybe you feel lazy or you feel overwhelmed or you feel fearful or some other emotion that's preventing you from taking action.

You're just letting your future happen to you. And you're just giving up on making shit happen that you really do want to make happen. So. Let's just, let's just kind of stop there for a moment. Do you want to have your future just happen to you or do you want to make your future happen? Because procrastination is just a habit.

And if you understand how it shows up for you, you can replace it with a much better flipping habit. And when I think about myself before I started coaching and my students, I decided to have fun with procrastination and kind of come up with some categories, some personality types. And you may find that you're one of these personality types around procrastination, or you may find yourself a little bit in all three based on the circumstance.

The first personality type that I've seen in coaching is the ones is like under pressure. So this procrastinator forces themselves to focus by shrinking the time they have to tackle a task. Remember back in college, when we had finals and we would like cram to get the finals done. So for many of my students, I see

this happening. And I see the real reason behind this is because of perfectionism. So lots of my students, including myself, are perfectionists or were perfectionists, or have, you know, are in some level of the, some phase of the continuum of breaking up the perfectionism. So if you're really tight on time and you're pulling out all nighter, guess what?

There's no way the task can be done to your unreasonably high standards. And so I see this a lot and no matter what, being in the habit of putting pressure on yourself is going to burn you out. It's going to leave you feeling overwhelmed. It is not sustainable. So the biggest challenge I see here is getting started and I'm going to give you an actionable tool where it's going to make it so much easier for you to get started.

If you identify with this under pressure kind of persona. Okay.

The next personality type I see is the The human, who has a pretty constant talk track of like I'm so lazy. Well guess what all of the students I work with, including myself are higher achievers. So, you know, this type of procrastinator is the opposite of 


Sarah Moody: But when they don't do something, they're really hard on themselves. And I used to be this way. Right. And they tend to think that they're not doing things because they're lazy or just really what it is is. They're probably exhausted and tired and what they need to do is just be more loving and kind and compassionate with themselves and not over-pack their schedule and, just be more loving and kind to themselves.

And so the biggest challenge I see here is this type of procrastinator needs to just build in lots of breaks into their calendar. 

The third type of persona I see is the over Booker. And this used to be me before I started coaching is I was so busy. I was busy 24 7, 365.

There was not a minute that I was not like productively doing something. So this procrastinator is a pro at filling up their calendar. Every single minute on their calendar and running from one thing to the next. And they're often overwhelmed. I'm so busy is probably the excuse I hear the most often. And what I do know about some of the busiest people, myself included before I started coaching is we do get a lot done.

But when busy-ness comes up at as, as an excuse for not doing something, it's usually just an indication of avoidance. And so rather than facing this challenge head-on or admitting that you don't want to do something being really conscious about what's going on, being honest with yourself about what's going on, it's easier to place the blame on having other important things to do.

And being honest with yourself about, yes, this is important to me. This does align with how I want to spend my time. This does align with my goals and my dreams. This does align with. The fact that I want to, you know, crush this deliverable at work, just being honest with yourself is so important and making a decision.

So the biggest challenge I see with this type of persona is just, it's very easy to create a lot of chaos and a lot of go, go, go, go, go to avoid facing what you know, you need to face right now. And this is typically not a task either. It's typically coming to clarity around. Yes. This is important. Yes.

This is aligning to my goals and dreams. Yes. This is how I want to show up for myself today or no, this is not important. And now I'm not going to do it, but being really conscious versus I'm so busy, I can't get it done. So what I see with the over-booker is; and I was the over Booker, right. I never had a minute to spare a lot of the limiting beliefs.

There is, I'm not enough, something's wrong with me. And so I have to keep proving myself. I've got to keep going and going and going and proving myself whether it's at work or, it's like proving to yourself that you are perfectly physically fit and going to the gym eight times a week.

So there's always this, like I got to go, go, go, go, go from a place of, I gotta prove that there's not something wrong with me. The other thing I see too, with the over Booker is, is this belief that I can't waste time. That I must always be productive. 24 7 365. Time has to be mastered and optimized and I've got to be always productive.

Well, this kind of under pressure cooker is, is just completely going to leave you feeling fried, burned out an overwhelmed. So a lot of the underlying limiting beliefs that drive these personas are there's something wrong with me. I got to prove myself. There's not enough time. I can't waste it. Um, things have to be perfect.

And just an overall sense of, you know, I really don't feel that great about my. So I've got two actionable tools to break up with perfectionism and start taking some action. Number one is, and I'm going to give you a little equation deadline plus time, plus B minus work. Okay. I love Dan Sullivan. He's a coach and he taught me that you can focus on getting the first 80% of any project done as fast as possible.

And this is totally changed the way that I think. So instead of thinking, I have a podcast due in two months, so I have plenty of time. You say, I have a podcast due in two months, I'm going to get the first 80% of it done. And the next two weeks. Instead of waiting, you start getting it done now, right.

Instead of waiting until two weeks before and feeling the pressure and putting herself in that pressure cooker, you give yourself two weeks now and you get it done as fast as possible. So you add that pressure to yourself now, and you're not worried about it being perfect because you know, you've got weeks to perfect.

It. But you get it done fast the first 80% right now. Okay. And so it's counterintuitive that I I had to break up with this way of thinking. I thought the faster I work, like the less effort it'll actually take me to complete a project. And this is actually true. The faster you work, the less effort, it actually takes you to complete a project.

So asking yourself to work, and this might be a little mind blowing to you, but asking yourself to work as fast as possible, removes distractions, delay, questioning, confusion, and wasting time. It also eliminates the option of perfectionism. You can't work as fast as possible and have the luxury of making something perfect.

Right? You got to just go. You know, like many of you think working fast is stressful, but when you try it and you can strain your brain, you realize that working fast, doesn't have room for stress. You've got to be focused and kind of moving forward. And delivering. So what I love is people think that they're going to do better when they wait till the last minute, because they don't have time to be distracted where you can do that now.

Okay. So don't give yourself that option of waiting till the last minute. Change the deadline around the deliverable, constrain the amount of time. Like you're going to get that podcast done in 90 minutes, including recording it. Done. Okay. And then okay with B minus work or a minus work? Right? A plus work means you're not going to get the deliverable done. A perfectionist work

means your not allowing yourself your goals, dreams, desires, right? Perfectionism equals not getting shit done. It equals inaction. 

The second actionable tool to break up with perfectionism is just every single fucking day embraced. Break up with any thinking that following your dreams and desires and living in this thing called life means you're not going to feel discomfort.

Being human means living in the human experience, which is half amazeballs and half shit and discomfort you don't want to do, but you just do it. You decide that you're just going to be an emotional adult who is worthy of their dreams, desires, goals, and creating that future that you think you want.

And actually you can have just by breaking up with perfectionism and a lot of the thinking that we've talked about today, And knowing that just like any other habit you can break up with procrastination. It is just a habit. You broken up with other habits. You can break up with this habit. So try this actionable tool or two tools that I've shared with you today.

And, hop on the, go to the events page, please go and register for the online talk that I'm doing on June 7th and common checkout how to future proof your workforce, change your mindset around "working hard + is a badge of honor" because it's not. Right. You can work hard and fast and constrain your brain and deliver amazing work.

All right. I love you have a beautiful rest of your week and I'll talk to you next week.



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