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((the second pandemic))
The 2022 stats on burnout are truly terrible

77% of employees are burnt out. (McKinsey)
Burned-out employees cost $3,400 out of every $10,000 in salary.  (Gallup)
Annual healthcare spending due to burnout is between $125 - $190 billion. (yup that's Harvard)

You have a team that's a mixture of high achievers who strive to climb the corporate ladder, get recognized, and be viewed as badasses in their field.

You have others who just want to get the job done.

And others that are underperforming and just plain miserable.  

Your team has moments at work where they feel inspired and engaged.

It feels great when they've hit send on that hard AF P1. Or had the courage to speak up in a meeting with the leadership team. 

But more often than not work doesn’t feel anywhere near inspiring.  Most days they have moments where they just want to QUIT.  

Your team feels times when they're fried, insecure, exhausted, scared, angry, sad, and burntout.  

Many of them just don’t give a sh*t anymore. 

Between work and the sh*t going on at home it all can feel TOO MUCH…

You need an experienced coach and guide
Someone who cares deeply about you and your teams feeling creative, inspired, and being passionately in love with their careers and life again.

I got you.
I'm the only certified cognitive coach who has worked in corporate America in the tech industry for 25 years and understands the struggles of teams who feel burnout.

The workplace has changed dramatically in the last 2 years. I have the proven cognitive playbook to turn a BRIGHT light back on inside of your teams' brains.

I’ve coached hundreds of clients individually and in groups to break through burnout and build careers and lives they’re passionately in love with.

Let's get them fired up again at work everyday!

I can't wait to work with you and your team. 

Here's WHY your teams feel so sh*tty

Because society, corporate America, and your teams families' beliefs have weaseled their way into their brain and now they believe them to be FACTS that would stand up in a court of law. 

Your teams have been taught how to think in ways that make them believe they’re not doing enough, not doing it right, or need to do it better. 

They think they need to be doing MORE. And if they do more they’ll feel better. 

They think these thoughts below are theirs. But they’re NOT. They've adopted these beliefs from society and they're wreaking havoc in your company and in your teams lives. 

I must work hard to get ahead and make more money. (and get that promotion so I’m viewed as getting ahead and a badass)
I can’t say no because I’ll be seen as a “problem” with my boss and teammates. (then I won’t get that promotion)
I must be available all the time. (or my teammates won’t respect me or I won’t get that promotion)
I must be productive. Time is not to be wasted.
I don’t have enough time to do things for myself. (skill building, personal development, passions, your life!)

And your team believes these thoughts, but they’re FAKE NEWS. They're "stories" in their brains.

Here’s the SCOOP: These ways of thinking cause teams to feel and do things that create burn out.

Here's what happens when your team believes
those thoughts above

They work more hours than they want to. They don’t have work life balance.
It’s difficult to collaborate, trust, and feel connected to teammates.
They want to quit and find another company that’s chill and has some cool mandated culture of work life balance.
They’re not building a life they love. They're not writing that book, starting that podcast, much less thinking about what they want for the future... 

The Rockstar Program

This is my 6-month evidence-based cognitive coaching program for teams to break through burnout and feel super inspired at work again.
Your teams will start feeling kinda magical in 30 days.
They will learn how to build a mindset to have ease and fun at work while also delivering insane business results.
Creating balance between work and life will be easier, and it will be exciting again to build trusting, collaborative relationships with peers… even in this hybrid work world!