what I do

I teach you how to use PROVEN cognitive tools to train your brain and coach yourself.

Warning:  You run the risk of becoming a Brain Nerd.

I teach you how to feel calm, confident, grounded, connected, and generally like “f*ck yeah, I got this.”

I teach you how to take massive action. Like Tesla Model Plaid FAST that goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 1.98 seconds. 

Here’s the good news: Your brain is YOUR personal supercomputer.  

Here’s the bad news: You’re only using 5% of its computing power. 

Here’s even better news: All those mind blowing results you create are ONLY caused by THOUGHTS in your brain.
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The Rockstar Program

The step-by-step bespoke coaching program on how to be the rockstar of your life. Create insane results while learning in a bada*s community of women like you!

The Insane Results Program
If you lead a team, big or small, and want them to deliver insane results in 90 days and ALL year long, this program is for you. Everyone will learn simple cognitive tools to deliver mind blowing results FAST.

I work with two types of bada*s high achievers.

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High achievers who want 1:1 coaching to create any result you want in 90 days. You'll learn proven cognitive tools and be a part of an awesome community of badass women.

So what results do you want to create?

  • Finally get the clarity, motivation, and momentum you've been craving in your career

  • Drop the anxiety, overwhelm, self doubt, and procrastination,
    and replace them with calm, confidence, and ease

  • Create time freedom and finally crush that To Do list

  • Nights and weekends free to spend with your loved ones, because life is too f*cking short 

  • Finally create the creative practice you've been dreaming of. Your art is worth it.

  • Create the incredible romantic relationship you've always wanted

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High achievers who lead teams and want a group workshop coaching program to teach them how to deliver mind blowing results in 90 days.  

Would you like to wave a magic wand and see the following in your team in 90 days?

  • A feeling of connection + community in support of each other? #CrushingItTogether

  • Skills to set crazy unthinkable goals and nail them

  • Skills to deliver on your OKRs for yourself, the team, and the company on your time frame, guaranteed

  • Drop the anxiety, overwhelm, self doubt, procrastination and replace them with calm, confidence, and ease 

  • Stop thinking about how there’s not enough time. Skills to get it done, without changing time or hiring fresh talent

  • An actual plan to future proof your amazing team in a constantly changing tech landscape
Understand your brain.
Develop new tools & skills.
Create mind blowing results.
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